Our History

Essepienne s.r.l was founded in 2008 from the idea of a few guys, all working in the ceramic spare parts sector, and their desire to get involved in order to pass on the experience and know-how acquired over the years with commitment and hard work. Over time the company has changed its managerial status but, from year to year, it has always sought to improve and increase the already wide range of products by focusing on an excellent quality/price ratio supported by a fast and effective service.
These skills allowed the company in 2016, under the leadership of Sole Managing Partner Gian Luca Pisani, to achieve unexpected results by substantially increasing sales and international recognition.

The company is located in Sassuolo – Modena and is situated in a strategic position: its proximity to the most important road junctions in the ceramic district make it easily accessible to customers, suppliers and forwarders.

Business management assisted by a state-of-the-art software and hardware network enables the resources working there to make themselves available to the customer by guaranteeing a fast and efficient service.

All the most popular brands and products are in stock or available at short notice.

The company is able to supply a wide range of spare parts for sorting lines, kilns, glazing lines, presses, dryers, loading and unloading machines, sprayers, mills, grinding and lapping lines of the main ceramic machinery manufacturers in the Sassuolo area.

In addition, all commercial equipment required in the automation industries such as belts, bearings, motors and gearboxes are available.

Essepienne s.r.l. holds Fenner Drives certification.

In 2022 Essepienne Srl boasts a global reputation as a valuable partner for the supply of spare parts for the ceramic industry and cooperates with the world’s largest tile factories.



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