The “MASTER JET 250” pump allows correct application of all suspended ceramic mixtures, and assures con- stant product distribution. The pump with three 120° pistons, with membrane mechanically moved, guarantees an supply without pulse, and make impossible the pollution of the glaze from the oil of the pump, id one or more membrane get broken. It is equipped with electric board with inverter and a sensor to control and keep enamel pressure constant by varying engine Hz. Moreover, when the engine has a change of 1.5 Hz respect to the initial working value, a blinker goes off to warn the operator of the malfunctioning. So you can immediately detect and solve the problems due to nozzle obstruction or too low enamel levels in the tank.

– Minimal pression 2 Bar with one nozzle.
– Maximum pression 20 Bar.
– Delivery 2-15 lt/min.